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Design & Manufacturing

Generative Design Resource Center

Generative design is changing the way manufacturers are designing and fabricating products. Access an expanding repository of generative design resources to inspire new ideas, deepen your skillset, and gain insight into the AI-driven technology.


Generative Design Customer Stories

  • Hyundai is pushing the bounderies of vehicle design with generative design and additive manufacturing.

    Hyundai is driving mobility innovation with generative design technology

    Hyundai Motor Group’s New Horizons Studio is pushing the boundaries of vehicle design with walking car concept.

  • Using generative design BAC created one of the lightest wheels in the world | Autodesk

    Creating one of the lightest wheels in the world with generative design

    Using Generative Design with 3 and 5-axis milling, Briggs Automotive Company created new wheels that are 35% lighter.

  • MJK used generative design and cnc machining to optimize tripple clamps | Autodesk

    Exploring machinable options for motorcycle parts with generative design

    MJK Performance, a Canadian motorcycle parts manufacturer, uses generative design to optimize triple clamps for 2.5 axis milling.

  • Generative design helped design a revolutionary back protector | Autodesk

    Revolutionizing back protection using generative design

    Using generative design technology, Edera Safety has created a revolutionary new back protection system for athletes.

  • Volkswagen used generative design and manufacturing to reinvent the wheel. wheel | Autodesk

    Volkswagen uses generative design to redesign epic bus

    Autodesk collaborates with Volkswagen Group on generative design in electric showcase vehicle.

  • Claudius Peters used generative design to re-engineer parts of a clinker cooler | Autodesk

    How generative design is reinventing heavy equipment

    The engineers at Claudius Peters used generative design to reinvent its clinker cooler, reducing materials by 25%.

  • General Motors used generative design and additive manufacturing to create a new seat bracket that is 40% lighter | Autodesk

    Automotive lightweighting with generative design

    General Motors achieves 40% weight reduction on new seat belt bracket with generative design and additive manufacturing.

  • Lightning Motorcycles redesigned a swingarm with generative design | Autodesk

    Generative design helps to break speed records

    Generative design and additive manufacturing helped Lightning Motorcycles to design lighter and faster motorcycles.

  • Nasa's JPL created a new interplanetary lander with generative design, casting, CNC and additive manufacturing technologies | Autodesk

    Creating a better interplanetary lander with generative design

    NASA's JPL used generative design technology to design a new concept lander with 35% less mass and improved performance.

  • Panasonic used generative design to develop advanced cooling systems | Autodesk

    Saving Panasonic engineers' sanity with generative desing and injection-mold cooling

    Generative design could help engineers to save time developing advanced cooling systems for melted materials

  • Honda used generative design to create a lighter crankshaft | Autodesk

    How Honda used generative design to create a lighter crankshaft

    Using generative design technology, Honda's engineers were able to reduce the weight of a crankshaft by about 50%.

  • Philippe Starck leveraged generative design technology to design a new chair | Autodesk

    AI driven chair design by Philippe Starck and generative design

    The A.I. chair is the fruit of collaboration between a.i. driven generative design and Philippe Starck.

Generative design is a design exploration to that allows designers and engineers to evaluate several design options

What is generative design?

Generative design technology expands your ability to deliver innovative design and engineering solutions. Based on parameters such as performance or spatial requirements, materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints generative design software simultaneously creates multiple CAD-ready alternatives.

Generative Design Articles

  • Generative design enables engineers to explore multiple design options.

    Does generative design work in the real world?

    By targeting the right problems, companies can apply generative design in a number of different ways to yield value-added benefits.

  • Generative design optimizes traditional manufacturing methods like casting.

    Does generative design work with metal casting?

    Generative design optimizes traditional casting methods, helps to uncover novel design possibilities, and boosts productivity across the factory floor.

  • Generative design helps accelerate sustainability gains in the manufacturing industry.

    Can generative design propel sustainability in the manufacturing industry?

    Generative design holds the potential to accelerate sustainability gains in the manufacturing industry in the future. 

  • MJK tripple clamp designed with generative design | Autodesk

    Optimize traditional manufacturing methods with generative design

    Examine how generative design can be used to help engineers identify and optimize traditional manufacturing methods like CNC machining

  • Leg of a generative design interplanetary lander | Autodesk

    Solve budget constraints and design challenges with generative design

    Explore how cost-conscious generative design can now help engineers keep within budgetary constraints while producing innovative designs.

  • Design options for a swingarm that has been designed with generative design | Autodesk

    Three ways generative design is transforming business

    Autodesk generative design is making the convergence of design and manufacturing a reality by implementing concurrent engineering as a technology-enhanced, automated process. 

  • VW rims designed with generative design technology

    In case you missed ’em:
    6 examples of generative design in manufacturing

    Manufacturers of all sizes have been using generative design increasingly for everything from heavy machinery to safety harnesses. 

  • Manufacturing automation is strongly connected to generative design technology

    The promise of manufacturing automation for all starts with generative design

    As a manufacturer, you’re certainly familiar with the concept of generative design by now—but there’s still some confusion over its real definition.

  • Claudius Peters used generative design technology to reinvent some parts for their heavy equipment | Autodesk

    Think generative design is overhyped? These examples could change your mind

    Autodesk Senior VP Scott Reese sees generative design as the most exciting development the manufacturing industry has seen in the past 20-plus years. 

AI-Based Generative Design
Is the Ultimate Collaborator

Whether you’re designing automotive parts to create lighter cars or creating office-space layouts that help foster employee interaction, Autodesk's generative design technology is the ideal cocreation partner.

Generative design infographic | Autodesk

Generative Design Ebooks & Whitepapers

  • Generative design can significantly improve performance, productivity, and cost

    Applying generative design: Improve performance, productivity, and cost

    Why generative design is a good fit for today’s most pressing engineering challenges. 

  • Generative design is redefining what's possible in the future of manufacturing

    Generative Design: Redefining what’s possible in the future of manufacturing

    Generative design, an ai driven design-exploration process lets humans and machines create together.

  • Harvard Business Review sees generative design as the next wave of design automation | Autodesk

    Harvard Business Review:
    The next wave of intelligent design automation

    Generative design opens the door to design options that might never have been imagined by engineers on their own.


Generative design
on-demand webinar

Generative design leverages artificial intelligence and cloud computing to enable engineers and designers to simultaneously generate and explore multiple CAD-ready solutions. Based on real-world manufacturing constraints and product performance requirements generative design technology explores all possible permutations of a design solution.