Creative project management software and review tools for film, TV, and games


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Keep projects on track and teams connected with ShotGrid

ShotGrid overview (video: 5:10 min.)

ShotGrid, formerly Shotgun Software, streamlines workflows for creative studios.

  • Bring creative visions to life and deliver on time and budget with powerful project tracking tools
  • Boost collaboration with media playback and review tools
  • Run productions your way with customizable workflows, application integrations, and an open ecosystem

Supercharge your studio with ShotGrid’s powerful production tools

Managing projects and productions in ShotGrid.

ShotGrid’s powerful production tools.

  • Track every step of your project including shots and assets as they move through the pipeline
  • Remove business guesswork with reporting tools
  • Easily scale creative projects in size and complexity
  • Maximize resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities

Collaborate more effectively with ShotGrid and RV

Shotgrid interface showing how to give effective feedback with in-context notes and powerful annotations.

Review media in ShotGrid and RV.

  • Receive updates with automatically tracked versions and note history
  • Give effective feedback and easily collaborate with in-context notes and annotations
  • Bring context directly where needed with integrations in Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, and more

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Workflows and use cases

  • Video: Dashboard to check media, annotate, and submit for review with one click from Maya to ShotGrid.

    ShotGrid + Maya

    Check media, annotate, and submit for review with one click from Maya to ShotGrid. (video: 57 sec.)

  • Integrating ShotGrid with your content creation tools.

    Integrate ShotGrid with creative tools

    Learn the benefits of integrating top industry creative tools with ShotgGrid's open ecosystem.

  • Video: Customize your project entities to suit your studio’s needs.

    Customize entities to suit your studio

    Learn how to customize the things you track in your projects with ShotGrid (formerly Shotgun Software). (video: 1 min.)

ShotGrid in action

  • Generative scheduling at LAIKA.


    Scheduling for maximum efficiency

    Stop-motion animation studio LAIKA shares the importance of generative scheduling and resource planning to their projects' success.

    Image courtesy of LAIKA

  • Untold Studios share how ShotGrid’s open API enables them prepare their studio for the future.


    Leveraging ShotGrid’s open API

    Untold Studios share how ShotGrid's open API has played a pivotal role in preparing their studio for the future of production.

    Image courtesy of Untold Studios

  • Neoscape leverages ShotGrid and 3DS Max.


    Keep the creative wheels turning

    Neoscape gives us a look at how ShotGrid and 3ds Max help them manage and deliver a range of projects amid new work from home complexities.

    Image courtesy of NEOSCAPE

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