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Industry-relevant certifications

Autodesk certifications signal your experience with future-focused skills and workflows and show employers you’re ready to step into emerging roles. We offer online certifications in the following industries:

Architecture, engineering, and construction certifications

Gain the knowledge and skills to create high-quality building and infrastructure designs; optimize projects with integrated analysis, visualization, and simulation tools; and improve predictability by maximizing constructability and project coordination.

Product design and manufacturing certifications

Gain the knowledge and skills to streamline your product development process, create high-performing product designs and production system layouts, and connect your team and data from design through manufacture.

Choose the Learning Pathway that’s right for you

Your learning journey and goals are unique. Our online platform makes it easy to learn at your own pace, on your own time. And as your goals evolve, we’ll evolve with you—so you can build strong foundations and reach new heights in your career.

We’ll connect you to the path that’s right for you, help you track your progress, and show you the next steps on your learning journey.

"We need to evolve a market in which the desire and ability to learn the new technologies is valued among employers. Where workers recognize when the demand for their current skills is waning, and they have the opportunity to acquire new skills and confidently market themselves."

—Dr. A. John Hart, MIT professor and leading authority on the skills gap

How can leaders confront the skills gap in manufacturing after COVID-19?

Closing the skills gap in manufacturing will be crucial to growth and competitiveness after COVID-19. Here, MIT professor, Dr. A. John Hart, provides insights on upskilling workers by combining digital and hands-on learning.

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