From initial production concept development to ongoing operational improvement, Autodesk tools bring the entire production team together to help you plan, build, and manage a highly efficient factory.

Meet your many engineering challenges

  • Coordinate project contributors

    Coordinate contributors, inside and out

    Effectively collaborate with internal teams as
    well as outside equipment vendors, system integrators, architects, engineers, and contractors.

  • Improve production efficiency

    Optimize production efficiency

    Evaluate production concepts early in the design process to minimize bottlenecks while planning for current and future production outputs.

  • Launch factory on time

    Launch on time and on budget

    Mitigate risks in construction by sequencing and scheduling the installation while avoiding unforeseen issues that lead to project delays.

Explore digital factory resources

Download the white paper or watch an on-demand webinar to see how digital factory tools can help you adapt to changes quickly while becoming more efficient.

Combining BIM & Production Line Design

Manufacturing owners manage an ongoing schedule of projects to build, update, and improve facilities. Explore a new approach to production planning that leverages industry leading technology and collaboration.

Best Practices for a Flexible Factory

Production is in a constant state of change. These changes often cause significant problems for manufacturers. Learn how to tackle your most pervasive change-related challenges with digital factory tools.

Make it better together with Autodesk digital factory tools

Integrated factory model

One model for everyone

Bring together the work of all project contributors—both inside and outside the company—into an integrated digital model containing your equipment, production line, and BIM data.

Launch factory on time

Synchronize for a successful build-out

Schedule, test, and manage construction and installation projects while detecting issues that can result in delays and cost overruns.

Operate an efficient factory

Operate at optimal efficiency

Make the most of your integrated factory model to manage equipment and production changes in the context of your building facilities.


    See how this family-owned company with 18 production locations worldwide uses Autodesk digital factory tools to build a “digital twin” of each site that includes their equipment, scan data, production layouts, and building models.

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