A new way to certify

Whether you’re an emerging or seasoned professional, our certification program gives you the tools and training to acquire new skills, accelerate your career, and prosper through disruption to achieve the new possible.

Why certify?

  • Learn your way

    Access learning content when and where you need it. We offer self-paced, on-demand learning for a range of skill levels, roles, and career ambitions so that you can embark on the learning journey that’s right for you.

  • Succeed in your career

    Discover learning and certification options to acquire advanced skill sets and open the door to new career opportunities. Our certifications and Learning Pathways recommend the next steps to help you accelerate your path to success.

  • Gain a competitive edge

    We offer a broad portfolio of industry-relevant, future-focused certifications to help you make a positive impact in your organization today and take advantage of new opportunities tomorrow.

Choose your certification

We offer certifications that map to your skill level and career goals: Earn recognition for your expertise, accelerate your career, and continue your lifelong learning journey.

  • Autodesk Certified Associate

    Designed for candidates with essential knowledge and skills in Autodesk software who are ready to enter the job market or improve their skills in pursuit of a new career path.

    Requirements: Approximately 150 hours of relevant Autodesk software experience

  • Autodesk Certified Professional

    Developed for candidates who have advanced skills and can solve complex challenges in workflow and design. The professional certification highlights a comprehensive skill set and helps candidates stand out in a competitive job market.

    Requirements: 400 hours to 1,200 hours of relevant Autodesk software experience

  • Autodesk Certified Expert

    Created for candidates who want to showcase their in-depth software knowledge and abilities. The expert certification signals leadership and a commitment to mastering new skills.

    Requirements: 400 hours to 1,200 hours of relevant Autodesk software experience

Architecture, engineering, and construction certifications

Architecture, engineering, and construction professionals can earn certifications to move their careers and their organizations forward by highlighting their knowledge of CAD and BIM tools.

Product design and manufacturing certifications

Product design and manufacturing professionals can earn Associate, Professional, and Expert certifications to stand out to hiring managers and showcase their skills in CAD, CAM, design-to-manufacture workflows, and generative design.

Get ready to certify

  • Take a course

    Explore our course catalog and find opportunities to build new skills and apply that knowledge directly to your work.

  • Prepare for an exam

    Set yourself up for success by taking a certification prep course. Courses focus on the core skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the exam.

  • Schedule your certification exam

    Use your Autodesk Account to sign up for a certification exam. After you’ve passed, showcase your achievement by adding it to your resume and professional networking sites.

Courses for your learning journey

Whether you want to validate the skills you have or gain the skills you need, we have the course for you. Designed by industry professionals and Autodesk experts, our on-demand, self-paced skill-builder and certification prep courses help you begin—or continue—your learning journey

Skill-builder courses

Purpose-built to align to your career and certification goals, skill-builder courses deepen your knowledge and broaden your skill set with hands-on learning, lessons, practice exercises, and more.

Certification prep courses

Target your study time and practice for your certification exam with a series of challenge assignments and assessments that review the skills and information in the certification exam.

Additional certification resources

Autodesk certification exams for educational institutions and non-English language candidates are available through our partner, Certiport.

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